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Welcome to the Chuck Wagner meet and greet up close interview

DATE & TIME : August 18,1999 [6:30 PM to 7:30 PM]

Location: Orpheum Theatre in SF, CA (Jeckyll & Hyde Tour)

The wife and I had the great pleasure of spending about an hour of our life backstage chatting, interviewing and reminiscing the past 80s with my childhood hero Chuck Wagner. Mr Wagner was introduced to us from his parents :-) I spoke to the parents a few times about my love and passion for this short lived show. Parents passed my info to Chuck and the rest was history. We were all watching an episode of Jeopardy during the interview!! This was the meet of the lifetime for me mostly (had to take my wife along) to meet my childhood hero whose still my hero till this day. Hey, when you are young you gravitate towards someone that draws you in a positive manner. IMHO Automan was just that. Who doesn't want a cool super hero to look up to to get rid of the bad guys and keep us safe. OK back to the interview at hand. He is currently working on the Broadway scene. NOTE: We were also introduced to Captain and Tenielle by Chuck!!  WOW!! Chuck is top notch: kind hearted, friendly, generous and my wife thinks he's cute and handsome too. Very tall gent may I add as I felt like a munchkin standing besides him. You truly are blessed. Thank you again and again for taking the time and patience for the chat session and especially for signing ALL of my Automan collectibles & best of all your gifts: autographed music CD and more. The wife and I will cherish those items forever!! These will be passed down to our children :-)

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Pictures or me and the wife backstage with my childhood hero Chuck Wagner
(Look what Mr. Wagner is holding! YES an Automan action figure of himself!!)  (Look what Mr. Wagner is holding! YES an Automan action figure of himself!!)  me, Chuck Wagner with his cool outfit and the wife me, Chuck and the wife before. The before we leave picture :-(
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